Homemade Tools or just Great Ideas

Flange Tweaking Tool

Flanging Dies Construction.pdf by Ron D Leclerc

Brake plans for Homebuilthelp Plans building DVD

Edge Marker Tool

 Helping hand to flip your wing

 Wing Stand

A Workshop Compressed Air Distribution System ~ by Neil Hulin

Olfa Knife Shearing

Building your Rudder in a Cradle

Nose Wheel Fork Brake

Great Idea for bending 12' Nose Skin on 601XL

Make a Tool for Rudder Cable Fairings

Tool for Fuel tank relief beads

Another Beading Tool

Press Brake

Forming pliers

Crimp Pliers

8 ft Home Depot Brake ~ Matt built one

Flange Finder Tool

Layout Gauge ~ Needs metric conversion but could be useful

Bench Mounted dimpling/rivet tool  A GREAT way to build your Spars!

Another dimpling/rivet tool  ~ this file is in .pdf format from Peter Stenabaugh

Fuselage Dolly

How to make Firewall Grommets

Quick Tools you can Make ~ several idea's you can use

Home made High Speed Drill

 Page 1 / Page 2 ~ Plans to build a small Brake 

Build A Hot-Wire for your fiberglass Styrofoam

Cutting Aluminum Sheet

Table Plans - An incredibly straight and rigid table by David Barth

Spiral Tube Cutter ~ Roll your own tubes.

Five Minute Paint Booth

Vixen File