Wing Stand


Here are a couple photos of a wing stand that I constructed from four 2x4s, a 27í cargo strap, one 2íx4í plywood sheet, four castors, and six bolts. I got the idea from a picture in the Aircraft Spruce catalog, so Iím not sure if there is a copyright issue (Iím not selling them, so I guess not). I guessed at the individual dimensions and based it on the listed dimensions in the catalog. Spruce sells them for $159, but you can build one for a lot less even if you donít have the scrap materials. Iíve also attached the PDF of the catalog page. 

This wing stand works great and is easy to build. It will sit three feet off the wall with two wings in the slings. There is absolutely no tendency for the wing to fall over and will take some determination to capsize the unit even with one wing on the stand. It rolls for easy transport across the garage floor. Iím impressed with the design Ė too bad I canít take credit for it

Spruce Wing Stand.pdf

Tim Coffman

Chandler, AZ

Construction Update

We have made quite a few of these stands over the last couple of years, I do not have a blueprint but I will describe the construction here. If someone wants to draw it up and send it to me I would appreciate it.

First off drop by Home Depot and pick up 4 - 8ft 2 X 4 as straight as possible and 1 - 6ft 2X4, also a 4 X 4 piece of construction grade 1/2 in plywood. Add to that some screws 2" and 3" a couple of tie down straps ( wide) or Berber carpet ( no shag, this is not the 70's) Pick 4 castering 2" or bigger rubber wheels.

The top and bottom of the center section are 8 ft.

The uprights in the center section are 4 ft

The legs that the wheels are attached to are 3 ft

The uprights for the wing holders are 2 ft

The whole stand is built on the wheel legs, build the center section first, then screw on the legs and add wheels, then add the wing uprights. All corners are to be gusseted with plywood. When you look at the pictures above you will see a 2 X 4 doublers on the bottom of the center section. I have found that this is not needed, the gussets are more then ample for the wing stand. I use Roofing nails to hold the straps onto the stand, 5 in each end and center are more then sufficient for the task.

This stand is strong, the longest distance in the back of a pickup has been 500 miles.

Construction time is 2 hours in total, including coffee. We can now put one together in 20 minutes, without the Java stop.

Mark Townsend.