Five Minute Paint Booth


How about a "knock-down" spray booth that can be set up in five minutes and then store out of the way quickly.

First, purchased a roll of 4-mil plastic from a home center. I cut one piece to line the inside of my garage door and attached it with duct tape. Then I cut sheets of plastic for the sides and back of the booth.

To hang the plastic sheets, I stapled each one to a 1?-wide strip of wood and then bolted
the strips to the tracks for the garage door. The strip holding up the "back" wall of the spray booth rests across both tracks, as shown in the drawing.

The bottom edge of each sheet is sandwiched between two strips of wood. This helps to weigh down the plastic sheets and makes it easier to roll the "walls" up when you're done.

To use the spray booth, simply roll down the plastic sheets. (The corners can be folded over to seal the booth.) Then raise the garage door to create a "ceiling" for the booth. The booth helps to contain the finish and prevents overspray from getting all over everything else in the garage. When finished spraying,  just roll the walls up and and secure them with some string.